Home Energy Audits

Suffering from “Cold Feet in the Kitchen” syndrome? Concerned about Carbon Monoxide poisoning? Kids room above the garage too cold? Utility bills putting a strain on the pocketbook? Then it’s time for a comprehensive home energy audit by Sustainably Built powered by Snugg Pro.

Residents in Boulder County can schedule their Sustainably Built home energy audit through the EnergySmart program. In addition to having one of Sustainably Built’s auditors perform the audit, an EnergySmart Advisor will work with you both to understand the audit results and to take advantage of any rebates available through the program, through Xcel, or other sources.

During a BPI certified home energy audit, we’ll analyze your utility bills, perform a blower door test, visually inspect the equipment, insulation, windows, and ductwork, as well as provide a detailed report with recommendations on how to solve these problems. We can also provide thermal imaging to find holes in your insulation as well as combustion gas testing to verify the safety of your gas appliances. After our walkthrough, we’ll help you determine the most cost-effective energy efficiency, comfort, health and safety improvements that make sense for your home.

We can also help you line up financing that will pay for these improvements with little to no out of pocket costs, and in many cases actually put money back in your pocket every month!